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A public bitacora to share new and old creations. A blog where we share exciting things we’re working on. Keep track of how ideas change over time and relate, kind of like watching a plant grow from a tiny seed to a big, beautiful tree.

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When you purchase ENT cards, you're not only adding a rare and unique piece to your collection, but you're also allocating 34% of the profits to GruPama for regenerating nature along the Uruguay River.

GruPAmA: Formed in 2005, the Group for Active Environmental Protection. Their mission? Preserve biodiversity, educate, and foster sustainable tourism. They're revitalizing the Linear Park, offering a free 'Ecotourism Guides Course' for local youth. GruPAmA leads in the National System of Protected Areas, community-driven conservation.

Next mission? Protection of 1419 acres (574 hectares) of forest, habitat for a critically endangered bat species.
Community Benefit: Ecotourism training, small visitor center, interpretive trail.
Location: Zapallo, Padre, Carbonera, Rica, Misionera, Churrinche, and Dorad Islands in the Uruguay River.

Isla Zapallo and its surroundings are a haven for wildlife. There are more than 16 bat species, some of them endangered or vulnerable. The area is also home to 200+ bird species, a quarter of them are rare or uncommon. This special region, close to Argentina and Brazil, is Rincón de Franquía. It protects the only untouched riverside forest north of Salto Grande dam, holding the magic of rare tress coming from Paranaense and Misionaera rainforest.

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