Dadada (EN)

Is it possible to slow down time?

⏳ Wagner, the Norns, and time in the world.

Does it make sense to make sense?

4 the dadadaistS

It’s not Opera
It’s not dembow
It’s not reggaeton
No es candombe
It’s not house music
It’s not Techno
It’s not Downtempo
It’s not Ambient

They are all at the same time. Son todxs al mismo tiempo.

One lΒ΄Ove

Thanks to Carlos and the African bees. I wonder where Jeremy is?

Interplanetary Dembow of the future We made it with Fede Percibal and Bonish

Thanks to Gustavo Bravetti and Arturia for inviting me to enjoy the sounds of all times with their plug-ins. Arturia is producing truly amazing products. Check them out.

104.Dadada Live set Intro 4 IP

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The Norns spin their tapestry at the roots of Yggdrasil
Autor: L. B. Hansen
πŸ¦‹ Live performance inspired by β€œRide of the Valkyries,” which is the second part of Richard Wagner’s epic music dramas comprising Der Ring des Nibelungen. 🌸 Dembow beats made with Bonish and Fede Percibal