Interplanetary ancestors 3-3 (EN)

Inspired by Tacuabé and his musical instrument, as well as Shika Shika’s instrument library, Maar World Lab opens up as an open field for the exploration of new formats for the creation and dissemination of sound, a logbook of experiments from all times united by listening as a leitmotif.

Thank You

My eternal gratitude to my family, for their unconditional love. To Head Brothers , Queguay, and Exoplanetas for numerous experiences, for their talent, friendship, and shared dedication. To Gabriel Bernardoni and Vigliensoni for the sound adventures.


This project is made with love, p5.js and RNBO. Published under the General Public License Version 3 (GPLv3).

10.Flauta Flor Azteca

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11.Flauta Poliglobular Maya

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12.Antara Nazca

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13.Silbato de la Muerte Azteca

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