Step into the worldbuilding project of Maar, a circumbinary exoplanet discovered using the Kepler Telescope and recreated with Art and AI.

Developing a new paradigm for Music Distribution,
Making, and Listening

Think about multidimensional sounding objects that exist both physically and on the blockchain,
serving as portals to unique sound adventures.


34% Regeneration

33% Artists

33% Development

Experience live, hybrid, DJ sets, and releases.

Visit Alpha Centaury, Trappist-1, and other Sound Adventures. You will be able to gain exclusive access to explore my archive of soundscapes, poetry, testimonies, and music from diverse cultures of mother earth.

The Lab: Enter Experimentation Zone

is an invitation to step into a timeless space of exploration, where old and new projects are shared. It is a place where the creation of a new generation of ENT players is documented, with a focus on empowering sound listeners and makers.

Earth Landings

Keep track of past and upcoming events with my Earth Landings calendar.
From concerts to festivals to art exhibitions.

diversity_2 WABJAM

Web, old english webb, "woven fabric, woven work, tapestry, from Proto-Germanic WABJAM.
Meaning "spider's web" is first recorded early 13c.


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A diary of Entangled Memories

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The Sound Explorer: Get to Know Me and My Sonic Adventures

Discover the story behind my journey and my sources of inspiration.

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