Connect with a record label 3.0 from the Cygnus constellation, specializing in ENTangled releases, immersive music-making and listening, advancing towards a regenerative music era.

Developing a new paradigm for Music Distribution,
Making, and Listening

Think about multidimensional sounding objects that exist both physically and on the blockchain,
serving as portals to unique sound adventures.


34% Regeneration

33% Artists

33% Development

Experience live, hybrid, DJ sets, and releases.

Visit Alpha Centaury, Trappist-1, and other Sound Adventures. You will be able to gain exclusive access to explore an archive of soundscapes, poetry, testimonies, and music from diverse cultures of mother earth.

The Lab: Enter Experimentation Zone

An invitation to explore Maar World Lab, an evolving blog, sharing the concepts behind, see the evolution of the creative tools and sounds releases over time.

Earth Landings

Keep track of past and upcoming events with my Earth Landings calendar.
From concerts to festivals to art exhibitions.

diversity_2 WABJAM

Web, old english webb, "woven fabric, woven work, tapestry, from Proto-Germanic WABJAM.
Meaning "spider's web" is first recorded early 13c.


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A diary of Entangled Memories

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The Sound Explorer: Get to Know Me and My Sonic Adventures

Discover the story behind my journey and my sources of inspiration.

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