Welcome to Maar world.

WelcomE to my new old π›šβ“„ε°Ίβ™©α΅ˆ. Slow down to enter a place where gravity is 2.94 slower than earth.

Last measurments found an archaic substratum beyond rationality, in the pure expression of creation that is an uncontainable cosmic instinct, a microscopic dance with musical harmonics. The moment in time when this circumbinary planet shines most brightly is when Dionysus meets Apollo, in the forests or in the cities, inside and outside the established order, wild, free, a communion of dragons, big cats and dancing childrens. πŸ‰ 🦁 πŸ‘ΌπŸ½

Circumbinary planet, P-type, semi-major axis:Β 0.699Β±0.003 AU. The discovery was made with a space based telescope (0.95 m Kepler Telescope).

Β  Solar System parameters
Right ascension 19 41 11
Declination +46 55 13
Distance [parsec] 1189
Distance [lightyears] 3878
Number of stars in system 2
Number of planets in system 3
Number of moons in system 4
Mass [Mjup] 0.06+0.08βˆ’0.04
Mass [Mearth] 19+24βˆ’12
Radius [Rjup] 0.63+0.06βˆ’0.04
Radius [Rearth] 7.0+0.7βˆ’0.5
Orbital period [days] 187.37+0.07βˆ’0.05
Semi-major axis [AU] 0.699Β±0.003
Eccentricity 0.024+0.025βˆ’0.017
Discovery year 2019