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Welcome to Entangled Worlds, an initiative that explores the intersection of digital and physical worlds through the development of intelligent music players and meta-musical instruments.

A worldbuilding project inspired by history, science fiction, visual arts, music making. A proof of concept for the development of new tools in a creator-owned economy. This may be the first of many entangled worlds.

# MW:1
Name: Rabbit Hole
Author: Maar
Release: 25/12/2022
Comment: Neo’s phone message to the Machines.
Song: 1 of 3.

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Circumbinary planet, P-type, semi-major axis:Β 0.699Β±0.003 AU. The discovery was made with a space based telescope (0.95 m Kepler Telescope).

Β  Solar System parameters
Right ascension 19 41 11
Declination +46 55 13
Distance [parsec] 1189
Distance [lightyears] 3878
Number of stars in system 2
Number of planets in system 3
Number of moons in system 4
Mass [Mjup] 0.06+0.08βˆ’0.04
Mass [Mearth] 19+24βˆ’12
Radius [Rjup] 0.63+0.06βˆ’0.04
Radius [Rearth] 7.0+0.7βˆ’0.5
Orbital period [days] 187.37+0.07βˆ’0.05
Semi-major axis [AU] 0.699Β±0.003
Eccentricity 0.024+0.025βˆ’0.017
Discovery year 2019

Give humans and planet earth a safe environment to self-heal.