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Performance: Live AV, Live, Hybrid, Dj set.

Genres: Free Electro / Union of world genres. Artist using: Sensors, controllers, synths, and computer with custom Max Software, Ableton Live, and Rekordbox. Live AV is with custom Max Software and Synths.

Live Hybrid and DJ sets

Iā€™m playing different sets depending on the occasion. I can offer:

  • Live Audiovisual Set
  • Live Set
  • Hybrid Set (Live+DJ)
  • Dj Sets

From thirty minutes to four hours experiences in the format of sonic or audiovisual journeys around concepts like the classical elements, or expeditions to different solar systems, exoplanets, and stars.

Each concept is represented under different musical moods ranging from ambient, and downtempo to deep house, and techno, always adapting to the note of the moment. The soundscapes and voices are elements that bring a singular narrative to each experience.