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Sample Pack: Sound of the Americas by Shika Shika

Can sounds and musical instruments play a role in the recovery of hidden memories? Is it possible to call forth the memory of lost cultures?

“Musical instruments have helped us to communicate and express ourselves since the dawn of humanity and the forms, scales and sounds of these artifacts give us a glimpse into the extraordinary cultures that created them.

This sample pack was recorded in Buenos Aires in @estudiomudras and includes recordings of rare and little known instruments including different types of flutes, double whistle, a noise generator, trumpet, zumbador, whistling bottle, and turú. Designed many hundreds of years ago, hearing their sounds and creating with them today is an invitation to reconnect with other ways of seeing and being in the world.

These instruments are recreations of sound artifacts from different ancestral cultures of Central and South America including the Mochica, Nazca, Aztec, Maya, and Guaraní. They are the fruits of many years of study, research and performance together with the National University of Argentina at Tres de Febrero @maestriaencreacionmusical, the Orchestra of Indigenous Instruments and New Technologies @orquestauntref and the Institute of Ethnomusicology and Creation in Traditional and Avant Garde Arts in Argentina.

All musical instruments built and recorded by Melisa Foss Recorded in Estudio Mudras”

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1.Trompeta Mochica.

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2.Vasija Silbadora Mochica

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4.Silbato Doble Azteca

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