Text for UI elements are grouped together as a set of translation keys in _data/locale.yml, this make TeXt easy to support different languages.

By using titles, you can define multi-language name for page, layout and navigator title. TeXt default defined some multi-language name in _data/navigation, _layouts/archive, _layouts/home and about.md.

The translation keys and multi-language names mentioned above support the following languages:

Language lang
English en, en-GB, en-US, en-CA, en-AU
Simplified Chinese zh-Hans, zh, zh-CN, zh-SG
Traditional Chinese zh-Hant, zh-TW, zh-HK
Korean ko, ko-KR
French fr, fr-BE, fr-CA, fr-CH, fr-FR, fr-LU
Turkish tr

You can see examples for different languages HERE.